on the pier

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the
sculptor to discover it."    

  About Calliope
Calliope is a uniqueboutique style studio on Long island offering excellence in training with some of the finest instructors in the
 fitness-wellness field and in the arts. 
It is situated in an old clapboard plantation style building nestled along side a running stream with fish and swans swimming beneath the porch and  the 1700's  landmark Gristmill visited by George Washington.  While competitors are based in shopping malls shared with  
 supermarkets and department stores the Calliope studio is very much appreciated by our discerning clients who value the intimacy, beauty, discreet setting and the off-street passage way entrance that maximizes  their privacy.  Our ambiance is preferred by the cognoscenti but Calliope is a welcoming dance/fitness/yoga community that our clients consider one of the
best kept secrets on Long Island.  
Fitness and the Arts have long shared a mutual respect and an interesting relationship dating back to the early Olympians both in the pursuit of excellence and in attaining a high level of  performance.  We very much recognize the infinite ideal of mind-body excellence and continually strive for that within our classes and programs;  in this pursuit Calliope is considered
 'an original'  among wellness studios.  
Calliope also takes the concept of personal, individual attention very seriously establishing nurturing and lasting relationships with students, teachers and friends.  Our members often continue with us for many years and have the pleasure of  seeing
wonderful results. 
Calliope also encourages personal development in the arts both with the novice participant and the developing artist.
Classes are offered at every level from beginner to advanced, and Calliope caters to all ages from teens to boomers and seniors.



 This program includes recuperative exercise and  yoga classes addressing specific body
mechanics for cancer patients and survivors and clients recovering from illness or injury.
               Our team is fully certified and works in a cohesive program both individually and collectively.   All ages and levels are welcome
              We are  thrilled to offer this program at Calliope and at our second location in Manhasset in collaboration with NRAD Wellness, promoting an educated approach to healthy exercise in a caring environment.    


Calliope sponsors and co-sponsors various events and programs throughout the year
partnering with breast cancer coalitions and medical facilities to benefit cancer patients and surviviors.

Calliope has received various grants throughout it's tenure as a wellness centre sponsoring
these events.
Saturday March 29, 9:30 AM
Free Wellness Fair for cancer patients and survivors at NRAD Medical Associates, Manhasset
Please call Calliope to make your reservations

We are pleased to annouce that the NRAD/Calliope Wellness Program has just received a generous
grant from the Manhasset Women's Coalition Against Breast Cancer to present a Wellness Fair
for cancer patients, survivors and friends at NRAD Medical Associates, 1350 Northern Blvd., Manhasset.

Classes, Healthy Sit-down Tea and Refreshments, nutritional, wellness and medical speakers, raffle




Calliope offers a forum for emerging and established artists including opportunitues for women in the arts with play readings,
performances, exhibitions and workshops.

 Mission Statement
Our Mission is to provide an integrative, evidence-based program in an environment that fosters a high level of health, wellness and  personal development through the physical, healing, and performing arts.  Our goal is to offer a wide range of classes, workshops and events to the community, to educate, to offer instruction in all facets of wellness and fitness, and to advance established and emerging artists.