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Rhonda Carol, Founder-Director

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the
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The Children's Dance Program at Calliope under the Directorship of Jeanne P. Kogut
 follows the  Royal Academy of Dancing & Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing curricula 
of Great Britain

     Ms. Kogut is one of only six instructors in the Northeast qualified in the RAD and ISTD Methods

Jeanne P. Kogut

Jeanne was trained in the Royal Academy and Imperial Society methods and is both a member of the Royal Academy of Dance and a Licentiate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing of Great Britain, the pre-eminent dance examinations board worldwide.  She was formerly on the faculty of the Boston Conservatory of Music, Dance Department, the Cathedral School of St. Mary, Garden City, NY and a dance instructor for Pathways Women's Health.  Jeanne was on the Advisory Board of Children's Entertainment Review, a NYC based magazine, where her Dance School Guide was reviewed as exemplary by the New York Times.  She was the Director and Principal of the Academy of Dance, Garden City, NY.  Jeanne has a B.A. from Boston University and is one of only six instructors in the Northeast qualified in both the Royal Academy and Imperial Society methods.  Jeanne is an original Calliope member working as Artistic Director and  Adviser to Calliope and her invaluable support and artistic contribution from the beginning has helped to launch the company.  Jeanne is currently taking registration for Ballet workshops and classes for adults and for children at Calliope.

 Royal Academy of Dance and Imperial Society of Great Britain are part of British Ballet Education, together covering every form of theatre dance.  The gradual development of these British syllabi is known worldwide for being particularly sensitive to the teaching of young children and students.  It contributes to the development of confidence, musicality, deportment and discipline.  Above all, the syllabi are designed to bring pleasure as well as a sense of worthwhile achievement to the student, who is required to meet a standard in order to progress from one level to the next.

The curriculum is divided into graded levels.  The dance student must master each level before advancing to the next.

Class Schedule
We are currently accepting registration for the Spring Session

Saturday 2:15 PM

Saturday 3:15 PM

8-Week Session begins in February




Let us host your next birthday party for kids at Calliope with a spectacular, original theme.
 Choose a Ballet party or a Calliopekids Yoga party with highly credentialed teachers qualified
to instruct children.

1 1/2 hour Ballet and Yoga parties

We host, provide classes, pizza, drinks and ask you to bring the cake of
your choice.

$450 for 15 children, $10 each additional child

*Additional nominal fees for take home dance tutu* 

(prices adjusted for your varying party numbers)


Kids Special Fridays - Kids Workshops and Events 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM To Be Announced

Please bring your own mat, mats will be available for purchase at Calliope

an inspirational and educational yoga program for kids of all ages and abilities.