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Rhonda Carol, Founder-Director

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the
sculptor to discover it."    


"Calliope is a wonderful studio, the best on this earth.. definitely.  I have been to many gyms and studios and have never received such intimate, attentive instruction".
  -Bilha Sheffy

"I had a remarkable time presenting a 1 hr workshop on the 11 Secrets of Pro and Olympic Athletes for Energy at Calliope Fitness & Arts in New York.  All who know me realize how I feed off of the energy and creative spirit of my audience, and this sparkling group (who demonstrated their adventurous spirit by ignoring warnings of snow)..Our host for this event is a Gem of a studio in one of the most exclusive areas of Long Island; Calliope Fitness & Arts..  Founder Rhonda Carol works hard to maintain a private studio feeling while offering many fitness / yoga / dance classes and support.  Once you're there you know you are a part of a place that is both unique, and totally supportive of your goals..."
  -Dr. Jack Barnathan, NY Strength, internationally acclaimed speaker www.nystrength.com 

"I have been taking classes at Calliope for years and I like Rhonda's classes in particular for many reasons.  There are exercises and adjustments for everyone regardless of their fitness ability or level, that is the glory of the classes."
Sally M.

"Congratulations on your studio, I wish you great success.  You deserve it.  I will always be grateful for you changing my life with your caring instruction!"
  -Malina Galanty

"What I appreciate most about Calliope are the talented and committed instructors who create the friendly and supportive environment which is so positively reflected in the atmosphere of all the classes.  It is a wonderful community...I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.
  -Sandra Tilman-Klocke 

"There is no other studio like this (Calliope), I am so happy to have found it.  I really see  a change in my body after one month of exercise and I love the ambiance of the studio.  My teacher is fabulous and the clients are extremely friendly and welcoming.
  -Randy Blume